Ignacio Barcena



Argentine designer Ignacio Barcena revisits jewelry,
turning it into objects of everyday use.

Forever captivated by stones and its mysteries, he mixes these elements fluently, granting stones as a starting-point from where to develop works of art, that more than sumptuous, are unique and atemporary. Thus, his jewelry collection reveals reveal a perfect combination of precious materials with the creativity of a restless spirit.

Curious traveller of faraway places, always in search of noble materials to bring a new dream to life. Scholar of his own instinct, prey to his own sensibility, Ignacio Barcena works from his workshop, along with the best goldsmiths, designing tiny, one of a kind productions. A perfect combination of stones and precious metals with proportions carefully defined can be found at this jewelry store, located at the exclusive Alvear Avenue.







+54 11 4806 6644 | info@ignaciobarcena.com
Av. Alvear 1883 (C1129AAA) | GalerĂ­a Promenade Alvear | Local 10
Buenos Aires / Argentina / 
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